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Mateusz M. Kujawski

Applied answers to the revolutionary breakthroughs. Ask me any question, put it on a smart contract blockchain if you wish, I'll do my best to answer based on a bitcoin donation amount. Currently many business owners are asking me what's in it for them. I can begin by answering: immutability, auditability and trust, especially across jurisdictions with multi-stakeholder databases and assets.


Currently forming a crypto-asset Bounty Hunter group.
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The animated mesh header is a basic visual analogy of the rich flowing interconnectedness of everything as one. The mathematical source code for this moving mesh of LIGHT-Points-and-Lines at various ENERGETIC-Powers is a simple piece of INFORMATION-in-flux set to repeat infinitely in cycles over time, always in integrity as itself. Such coherence is a fundamental aspect of the theory behind signal transceivance of organic (DNA) and synthetic (smartphones) network systems independent of time and space. Additionally, in a nodal mesh topology, each point would have open-ended interactive feedback and emergent evolutionary creative possibilities individually and as a collaborative collective. Node existence corresponds in the manifold-order through macro and micro levels and in between. The meshcode may be a pleasure to perceive visually, the author was originally inspired by a master coder's first published versions of Flash Actionscript mathematics which allowed for such creative animations to begin existing online in the early 2000's, while studying New Media at the School of Image Arts, at Ryerson University.

In relation to the philosophy and theory of certain mesoteric Healing Arts, "meshcode" is a term for 'The Field' which consists of structures and flow, thus itself being an axiatonal system. It is the pulsating interconnected source fabric of life, a metaconnective pattern of everything. This scientific point of view comes to the author naturally in rememberance of his great grandfather, Wacław Szpakowski - a finder and an artist-engineer, primarily focused on the life of one line.

This online domain is named "meshcode" because it is a node for sharing news serving the transceivant nature of the quality of paradigm shift felt necessary at the threshold of the possibility of the continuation of the sympathetic emergence of Humanity in relation to an ecologically sustainable growth of the planet Earth. The meshcode domain and motion graphics script have been iterating here since the spring of 2008.

As of the summer of 2017, the author is working with the Connectivist Collective, and The Sky is High Crowdfunding. The current direction pertains to the human solutions enabled by blockchain sciences in the niche field of open-source, distributed research and development of clean, fuel-less New Energy technologies which may include transitional prototypes sourcing electrical energy from the active vacuum, as per the wisdom of N. Tesla, C. Maxwell's open asymmetrical systems, and the line of transmission of teachers to this day.

Kensington Market (KM5T), Toronto, 2005-2018
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founder: M. M. K.

Some fun visual mesh paint works of the author's in that part of the city: